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A Tribute to the Movie that could possibly be

the world's most industrial love story.



The story is about a bounty hunter ( Deckard, A.K.A. Bladerunner) who falls in love with a replicant ( Rachel, A Genetically engineered human used for off world slave labor with a four year life span).

The problem is, is that bladerunners hunt and "Retire" Replicants.

It is the story of one man that see's past the society view of a person's difference to see the beautiful human that is underneath.

I highly recommend watching the movie....The original...not the directors cut.

A wonderful movie with emotion, feeling and content.

I hope you enjoy.


Bladerunner movie poster

The Spinner, Futuristic Car

Deckard, Giving Rachel the Voight-Kampf Test

I know smoking is bad, But she makes it looks so damn sexy.....

Roy, Saves Deckards Life

The PIano Scene..." I thought I heard Music.....?"


He loves her, The European Movie Ad.

Holdens eyeball, overlooking LA, and the nighttime fire show.

Jamming thru the skyway of LA and a pill commercial

Spinner over the Tyrell Corporation

The fires over LA, God....what a beautiful sight