Me in my DrySuit...looking kinda wet....This was Christmas morning 2001,

one of my favorite places to dive, a deep canyon that is right off of shore. Love it!

The Yukon
This is the HMCS Yukon. She sits on her port(left) side, with her Bow(nose) pointing north.
The picture you see here is starboard(right) side facing up toward the sky, the nose is pointing north.
If you tilt your head to the left, that is what it would look like if it were standing straight up.
I was fortunate to get a chance to "stand watch" on this lady while she was still floating, and tied up next
to the Star of India.They didn't want vagrants inhabiting the hull and possibley getting hurt.
I also got a chance to wonder around at night with a flashlight and check the place out.
One place I didn't get to go into was the engine room. I was told it was too dangerous to go into at the time.
I looked in and could hear the water dripping in. This is what started me thinking that I wanted to scuba dive.
Now I am certified and I want to eventually get enough experience to go into the engine room, a penetration dive.

The following is a pictural of my experiences with and on the Yukon.
They are a story...
I put them here as a tribute for those that have encouraged me and helped me along my travels
and journeys, and for those who will not be able to or cannot dive anymore. For the story tellers and myth makers,
and those who have died to help further the cause.
Too my dive buddies Ed and Jim, Thanks for the fun and sharing air.
Let me not forget those that I have to thank for all of this, let me not forget:


Before sinking:

Getting, or trying to get some shut eye:

"standing" watch:

She's a beauty

The morning after, after being up all night and trying to stay warm:


The first time diving on the Yukon, getting ready:

Ed, Me, Jim, Respectively...

A really Stoked Ed...

Jim and I studying the "Slate", a picture map of the ship. This is right before the second dive,
the first dive was very disorienting, due to the list(slant) of the ship. The Second dive was much better.

Ed and I, Last minute checks, and checks again...


Spending a few moments alone, Thinking abouthow far I have come, where I have been,
and where I am going. Alittle mental prep:

after the first dive, sitting and talking about how it was. Very Cool:


More dives aboard the Hydrodiver:

waiting for the divers

Captain Jim Stickler,Captain of the Hydrodiver. He was also very instrumental with Project Yukon,
as well as being a donor for the project, he was in charge of Diver Emergency and Rescue.
Needless to say I felt I was in good hands.

Keeping a watchful eye for the divers on his boat.


Again, Keeping an eye out...



The Hydro Diver...


The following are below sea level. Also my first time trying to take pictures with my new camera.

One of the plates that commemorates the yukon.

This is insideone compartment, I don't remember which one, but I did get to penetrate on this dive.
As you can see. not too deep, but deep enough for now.



Looking up at the fellow divers...



Yours truly:



The author again:


This is a nother "tilt your head" to the right shot. This is the front of the bridge.



The flagpole:


The following couple shots are not from the yulon. but from a squid run I witnessed, Squid Mating:

Squid mating

The NOSC tower now sunk in 60' of sea water:


The Author...

Happy Guy