RoadTrip 2002 Number 1
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This is a chronicle of my latest trip/journey, alone, thru the California
deserts and mountains. The reason I put this here is to share with my many
friends and family who like to see where I venture.
The way this trip got started was this, I was supposed to have a friend
come out and see me during the week of July 1st to the 8th.
Things happen and they was unable to make it. So I decided I would take that
time I had set aside and go on vacation.
It had been a bit over a year since I had been away from my job for any length of time,
so I thought I would treat myself to an adventure.
I have always been fascinated with ghosts, ghost towns, history, and the west,
so I decided to check out some ghost towns here in California.

This is my Trip:
Day 1    Day 2    Day 3