Road Trip 2002 #2
I was accompanied by my faithful companion Rosie the pitbull.
The purpose of this trip was a vacation, to visit some friends and relatives
in Arizona, and then off to Death Valley and my favorite ghost town and the hottest desert in the U.S.
The last time I was in Death Valley was the week of July 4th of this same year.
In July the temperature was easily 115 degrees in the shade, but this time around I think it got
up to maybe 85-90 degrees. The first stop and set was a Saguaro Cactus.
These are the caricatured cactus you see in all the old cartoons,
so I stopped to take a few pictures of this huge one.

The next part of this set was at
Casa Grande Ruins Monument
Quoting the National Park Service:
"For over a thousand years, prehistoric farmers inhabited much of the present-day state of Arizona.
When the first Europeans arrived, all that remained of this ancient culture were the ruins of
villages, irrigation canals and various artifacts. Among these ruins is the Casa Grande, or "Big House,"
one of the largest and most mysterious prehistoric structures ever built in North America.
Casa Grande Ruins,the nation's first archeological preserve, protects the Casa Grande
and other archeological sites within its boundaries."

The next part is the sky and sun shining thru the clouds, and driving thru a canyon on
our way to ShowLow Arizona. The last part of the set are pictures of my Paternal Father; Larry,
his wife, Sharon, her brother, Chuck and his wife, Cindy.

P1010011.jpg P1010021.jpg P1010022.jpg
P1010025.jpg P1010037.jpg P1010038.jpg
P1010039.jpg P1010040.jpg P1010043.jpg
P1010044.jpg P1010045.jpg P1010046.jpg
P1010047.jpg P1010049.jpg P1010050.jpg
P1010051.jpg P1010058.jpg P1010068.jpg
P1010069.jpg P1010080.jpg P1010086.jpg
P1010093.jpg P1010095.jpg P1010097.jpg

Day 2
The day was spent at the
Petrified Forest
Painted Desert.

The end of this set was the beginning of day 4, when I had to take pictures of the
WigWam Motel
on historic Route 66 in Holbrook Arizona.
I wanted to stay there one night but didn't get the chance.

P1010105.jpg P1010106.jpg P1010109.jpg
P1010110.jpg P1010111.jpg P1010115.jpg
P1010116.jpg P1010117.jpg P1010118.jpg
P1010120.jpg P1010122.jpg P1010123.jpg
P1010124.jpg P1010125.jpg P1010126.jpg
P1010127.jpg P1010133.jpg P1010137.jpg
P1010142.jpg P1010144.jpg P1010145.jpg
P1010146.jpg P1010148.jpg P1010149.jpg
P1010154.jpg P1010155.jpg P1010157.jpg
P1010158.jpg P1010159.jpg P1010162.jpg
P1010167.jpg P1010170.jpg P1010171.jpg
P1010173.jpg P1010174.jpg P1010177.jpg
P1010178.jpg P1010183.jpg P1010184.jpg
P1010185.jpg P1010186.jpg  


Day 4
We Headed out to go to Death Valley at 5am, as the sun was coming up.
We stopped and took a picture of Historic Route 66 sign, and the
worlds largest (cough) piece of Petrified Wood.
On our way I saw a sign for
Meteor Crater.
I decided to stop and check it out and was glad I did,
what a site! a giant hole in the ground, and some small meteorites.
My dog got into the mud and I had to wash her off in a
water puddle so she wouldn't dirty the truck.
I also stopped at and went over Hoover Dam
on our way passing into Nevada.
We Arrived in Death Valley after dark. I got a little confused and
turned around in Las Vegas, and almost ended up in Utah,
but I eventually made it to the valley.

P1010001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010008.jpg
P1010009.jpg P1010010.jpg P1010012.jpg
P1010013.jpg P1010016.jpg P1010017.jpg
P1010018.jpg P1010020.jpg P1010023.jpg
P1010024.jpg P1010025.jpg P1010026.jpg
P1010028.jpg P1010030.jpg P1010034.jpg

Day 5:
Day 5 I got up at 5:30am.
The sun was not up yet, but I was. My first stop of the day was at
Dantes View, in Death Valley.
We were very lucky, on the way up the mountain we saw
a Big Horn Sheep. I have never seen one, Neither had Rosie.
We were Stoked. Pretty Cool Site.
We got ot the top of the mountain and it was pretty cold,
as I am sure you could see in the pictures.
I had breakfast after that and gambled on the
slot machines just across the border into Nevada.
The next stop was Zabriski Point. It was a bit warmer and I tried my hand at
a panarama shot of the point.
Next is Me standing next to the Death Valley Historic Marker.
Next is Rhyolite, the first of 2 ghost towns we encountered.
I have been to Rhyolite before but am always fascinated by the remains of broken
glass from the turn of the century in many different colors, including purple, blue, green and agua.
The places there were the jail, the bank, the cemetary and other buildings.

P1010038.jpg P1010041.jpg P1010043.jpg
P1010044.jpg P1010053.jpg P1010055.jpg
P1010056.jpg P1010057.jpg P1010058.jpg
P1010060.jpg P1010067.jpg P1010068.jpg
P1010069.jpg P1010070.jpg P1010071.jpg
P1010073.jpg P1010077.jpg P1010078.jpg
P1010079.jpg P1010080.jpg P1010081.jpg
P1010082.jpg P1010084.jpg P1010092.jpg

Titus Canyon and LeadField Ghost Town:
After Rhyolite ghost town, we headed down into Titus Canyon.
Titus Canyon is a wash with very high walls and narrow passages.
This was an Awesome sight!
We Skirted cliff walls and canyons, and ran into a ghost town
deep in the canyon called Leadfield.
Leadfield is an old mining town and there were mines still open there.
The last part of this section is the valley floor as we dropped back into Death Valley.
The pictures at the end are the clouds that form at the edge of the valley walls of the valley.

P1010095.jpg P1010099.jpg P1010101.jpg
P1010102.jpg P1010103.jpg P1010104.jpg
P1010105.jpg P1010106.jpg P1010107.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed the gallery, we really enjoyed the trip.
If you ever get a chance to go, you should.