Death Valley Road Trip #3

Below is a pictoral chronograph of my weekend with some of my friends.
This was my 3rd trip to Death Valley.
This is my attempt to recapture the weekend,.

March 21st-23rd
The roadtrip consisted of 6 people showing.
Myself, Nemme,
Marc and his girlfriend Shelby,
Serina(Forlorn Sally),
and Lisa(Viva De La Muerte).

The trip started at 4am friday morning. Headed out to Death Valley and checked out the mesa's,
salt flats, the natural bridge, a museum in Shosone, and then the dunes at Stovepipe Wells.
Before hitting the dunes we ran into Marc and Shelby as they were pulling in at about 4ish.
We headed to the dunes and told them where we were going and they came out after we had been there
shooting pictures that afternoon. That night we went to bed and were joined by
Serina and Lisa at about 11pm. The next day we headed to Beatty, Nevada,
for a killer breakfast that was only 4.95 and we all left happily stuffed.
Rhyolite ghost town was first on the stop of sites for that day. Where
I shot more pictures and collected old colored glass. We also did a group shot at the most
photgraphed building in Rhyolite. the Cook Bank Building. Later I went to the
Cemetary and then Titus canyon. Awesome views and and canyons walls.
The canyon was only off road vehicles, due to clearance, so I had to leave the group to go do their own thing.
I met up later that evening at camp where we proceeded to have drinks, dinner and showers.
The next day, I left early so I could get to a couple of other places,
the others went around some more and views several other sites. We stopped along
side the road to watch some motorized parasailors, and then stopped at Ballarat
ghost town where I got a flat tire. flat fixed, then went to photo the grave of "Seldom Seen Slim".

There are 3 sets of tables here, so scroll down to see ALL the pictures.

Table #1:

P1010011.jpg P1010013.jpg P1010016.jpg
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P1010135.jpg P1010136.jpg P1010140.jpg
P1010142.jpg P1010146.jpg P1010149.jpg
P1010170.jpg P1010170A.jpg P1010171.jpg
P1010172.jpg P1010173.jpg P1010174.jpg
P1010175.jpg P1010176.jpg P1010177.jpg
P1010178.jpg P1010179.jpg P1010180.jpg
P1010181.jpg P1010182.jpg  

Table #2:

P1010001.jpg P1010004.jpg P1010005.jpg
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P1010009.jpg P1010010.jpg P1010011.jpg
P1010013.jpg P1010014.jpg P1010020.jpg
P1010022.jpg P1010025.jpg P1010028.jpg
P1010030.jpg P1010031.jpg P1010032.jpg
P1010035.jpg P1010037.jpg P1010038.jpg
P1010038A.jpg P1010039.jpg P1010041.jpg
P1010042.jpg P1010043.jpg P1010044.jpg
P1010045.jpg P1010047.jpg P1010048.jpg
P1010050.jpg P1010057.jpg P1010063.jpg
P1010064.jpg P1010069.jpg P1010070.jpg
P1010073.jpg P1010074.jpg P1010080.jpg
P1010082.jpg P1010083.jpg P1010086.jpg
P1010087.jpg P1010088.jpg P1010089.jpg
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P1010099.jpg P1010100.jpg P1010112.jpg
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P1010121.jpg P1010122.jpg P1010123.jpg
P1010124.jpg P1010125.jpg P1010128.jpg
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P1010139.jpg P1010141.jpg P1010142.jpg
P1010143.jpg P1010146.jpg P1010155.jpg
P1010156.jpg P1010160.jpg P1010161.jpg
P1010162.jpg P1010163.jpg P1010165.jpg
P1010169.jpg P1010170.jpg P1010173.jpg
P1010175.jpg P1010176.jpg P1010178.jpg
P1010179.jpg P1010180.jpg P1010181.jpg

Table #3:

P1010001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010003.jpg